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Hot Water Installations

Hot Water Installations

Suffering from having no hot water? Best Price Hot Water can get you back to having hot showers in no time. We are the Central Coast’s preferred, fasted and most affordable hot water installs!

Choosing Your Hot Water System

When choosing your new hot water system to be installed, energy efficiency is key for your new hot water install. We can help you choose the most appropriate hot water system for you and your household. Graeme from Best Price Hot Water will ask the necessary questions to give you the best answer he possibly can!

hot water installations

Electric Hot Water System Installs

Best Price Hot Water supplies and installs a wide range of electric water heaters and electric hot water tanks. We only use electric hot water systems from the best water heater manufacturers, so you can be sure that we only supply products to truly fit your needs.

Electric Hot Water System Install

Gas Hot Water System Installs

Best Price Hot Water supplies and installs a wide range of gas water heaters and gas hot water tanks. Our gas water systems are innovative and highly efficient and include both gas instantaneous hot water systems and gas hot water storage tank systems.

Gas Hot Water System Install

Solar Hot Water System Installs

A real option if you want to slash your energy bills. Water heating accounts for about 30% of an average household’s total greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.  A solar hot water system can provide between 50% and 90% of your total hot water requirements.

The initial cost of a solar water heater is more than electric or gas water heaters but energy bill savings will compensate for this over time. There are also government rebates and incentives which can greatly reduce the cost of installation.

Heat Pump Hot Water System Installs

In many circumstances, heat pumps offer the most energy-efficient way to provide heating and cooling. Heat pump water heaters draw heat from the surrounding air and use electricity to transfer heat from one place to another instead of directly generating heat. They only use about one-third of the energy of a standard electric system and can be made even more efficient by using a solar pre-heater.