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Hot Water System Repairs Central Coast

Hot water system repairs Central Coast – 20+ years of keeping Central Coast locals with hot water and nice hot showers! 

Hot Water System Repairs Central Coast

Hot water system repairs Central Coast

We have been repairing hot water systems on the Central Coast for 20+ years. 

We pride ourselves on our prompt and reliable service, as we know how important it is to get your hot water heater fixed and producing hot water again. Nothing worse that getting in the shower to have cold water running down your back!

Best price hot water provides the full spectrum of hot water services including repairs and new installs. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, who have been in the industry for no less than 6 years. We have gained extensive experience in the industry and there isn’t an issue we have been unable to fox. This experience allows us to provide you with the best service possible!

We pride ourselves on our prompt same day service. We know how important it is to get your hot water up and running as fast as possible. Especially in the cooler winter months! No one wants to wake up to face a cold shower on a cold morning. 

We are highly qualified and experienced tradesmen and our plumbers and electricians are all fully qualified. We are authorised repairers and sellers for some of the biggest brands of electric hot water systems Central Coast and will always based on your needs. Brands we repair include Rinnai, Vulcan, Rheem & Dux.

When you work with Best Price Hot Water we guarantee you the best job at the best price. We always provide honest and accurate quotes and are known on the Central Coast for our high quality workmanship and excellent after sales service.

Hot Water System Repairs Central Coast

Is your Hot Water System leaking, producing alarming sounds, delivering murky coloured water through your home… or none at all?  Don’t stress! You can rely on us as a trusted first point of contact for all minor or major Hot Water Service Repairs, ranging from 50 Litre Hot Water Systems, all the way up to 400 Litre Hot Water Systems.

We will guide you on the best course of action, keeping in mind that budget is extremely important in these situations as well. We like to keep our repair services affordable and we will also give you our honest thoughts in the best steps. To replace or to repair. 


Our Team’s 24 Hour Service Has You Covered.

We know as well as anyone that having no hot water is probably one of the worst “1st world problems” that you can have, that’s why we offer all of the areas we service a 24/7 emergency service to ensure you are never with out the bare necessity of hot water!

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Sunday: 11AM - 2PM

Call The Team Now & Get The Best Offer Possible.
Shayne Frost
Shayne Frost
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"Rang at 5pm on Tuesday and had our brand new system installed first thing the next morning. Graeme was very helpful, friendly, professional and efficient. Would definitely recommend this company."
Gemma Horn
Gemma Horn
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"Our hot water system was leaking badly, and Grahame was able to come and replace it very quickly. Very helpful! Highly recommend!"
Cath Riordan
Cath Riordan
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"I had a leaking hot water system. I rang Graeme on a Sunday, he came straight out to look at my problem and I had a new hot water system installed on Monday. Highly recommend Best Price Hot Water."
Elise Felice
Elise Felice
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"Most definitely. Quick response and certainly BEST PRICE. Graeme knows his job thoroughly."
Jackie Wenzel
Jackie Wenzel
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"Amazing prompt service, and very well priced, always happy to come to us where ever we are on the coast."
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hot water system repairs Central Coast

Do I Need A New Hot Water System?

There may be no need to replace the system if the problem is due to a faulty component

Best Price Hot Water can diagnose the problem and organise a more cost-effective solution to not stress your wallet!

If the cost of your Hot Water Repairs proves to outweigh the cost of installing a new system, we can advise you on the best options we have with the latest technology in Hot Water Systems.

How We Work

Assess 25%
Diagnose 50%
Troubleshoot 75%
Resolve Problem 100%

Hot Water System Repairs Central Coast – Troubleshooting your System

Think you’re in need of a Hot Water Repair? Before you book a Hot Water Service, make sure that you check through the following troubleshooting tips below!

No Hot Water
Check that the isolating switch – generally found in the switchboard and often marked “Hot Water’, ‘HWS’ or ‘Water Heater’ – is in the ON position. Check that the electricity supply to the hot water system is connected. If connected to off-peak heating, hours are restricted. Also, check the switchboard fuse.

Twin Element Systems
For a twin element hot water system to operate as designed, it must have power available to the top heating unit circuit at all times.
So make sure the power is connected and on.

TPR Valve (Temperature Relief) Leaking
While it is normal for this valve to discharge a small amount of water while heating if it does leak more than 10 litres of water a day, there may be another problem. If it is continuously running, try raising or turning the leaver/knob gently on the TPR valve for a few seconds and then releasing it. This may dislodge any foreign matter which may be in the line. If it continues to leak, please contact us for a service call.

Cold Water Leaking
Is water leaking from the expansion valve (located in the cold water line to the hot water heater)? It’s normal for this valve to discharge 5-10 litres of water a day. As the cold water heats up in the tank, the water expands and is discharged from the cold water expansion valve. If the expansion valve is leaking more than 10 litres of water a day, give us a call.

No Hot Water – Pilot Light
If you have no hot water at all check to see if the pilot light is igniting and burning. Re-light the pilot light according to the instructions on the inside of the access cover. If the pilot is not lighting or igniting, check that there is gas to the water heater. Check that the isolating valve on the gas line is turned ‘ON’.

Also, check to see if there is gas being supplied to the rest of the house. If there’s more than one gas appliance check all to see if they are lighting. If there is no gas, call the gas supply company.

Electric Ignition
Make sure the power chord is plugged into the wall and check the fuse in the metre box… as obvious as this sounds you would be surprised how many times we’ve turned up a Hot Water Repair job only to discover it’s not even plugged in!

How Long Do Hot Water Systems Last? 

A hot water system is a decent investment and it is very important to make sure you are getting the best value out of your system. There are a number of factors that can add to how long your system will last and these include quality, material, type. If you buy a reputable system from Best Price Hot Water, you could get between 10-15 years out of your electric system. Gas systems have a slightly shorter life expectancy of around 8-12 years. 

If you think your system is in need of a repair, contact the team today and we will get someone out to look at your hot water system ASAP. 





Use the Best Price Hot Water system installation/replacement cost finder to get an instant & accurate quote!

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Use the Best Price Hot Water system installation/replacement cost finder to get an instant & accurate quote!