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Buff Point Hot Water Installation

Best Price Hot Water provides an unbeatable Buff Point Hot Water Installation service for domestic and commercial customers. We aim to have your hot water back up and running the same day. We pride ourselves on our fast and friendly service and have been keeping Buff Point and the Central Coast in Hot water for over 30 years! When you call Best Price Hot Water you know you will be getting a top-quality hot water service and value for money.

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Rheem Electric Hot Water system

Here you can find a recent hot water installation from the Best Price Hot Water team of a Rheem 315 Litre Stainless Steel Electric Hot Water System Supply & Installation in the local area of Buff Point!

This is a 315 litre electric hot water system that is guaranteed to last a minimum of 10 years or this customer will get a replacement free of charge from Rheem. 

Rheem 315 Litre SS Hot Water System (4A1315)

Electric Hot Water Systems – Rheem 315L Stainless Steel

The Rheem Stellar 315L is the perfect electric water heater for medium to large families with a big demand for hot water. The Rheem Stainless Steel system is backed with a large 12-year cylinder warranty. It is designed with performance, energy efficiency and added features in mind. This hot water system provides a new option tailored to individual requirements. 
The system is energy efficient (up to 24% better than the minimum energy performance) and has lower overall running costs.
The Rheem Stainless steel system is more lightweight than the traditional enamelled steel systems of the same capacity, making them easier to install. There is no sacrifical anode required for protection and long term maintenance and service costs are reduced.


  • Dual handed cold water connections, a hot water connection at the top of the water heater
  • Stainless steel cylinder and water fittings
  • No anode – saves on maintenance and service costs
  • Money saving – designed for off-peak energy rates
  • Twin Element model available 
  • Made in Australia


Hot Water Maintenance

Hot Water System Installation

Best Price Hot Water offer unrivalled & affordable services for hot water installations on the Central Coast. We are able to install almost all systems on the spot. A Warranty is given on all new systems & we guarantee our work.

Hot Water Installations

Hot Water System Maintenance

Is your Hot Water System leaking, producing alarming sounds, delivering murky coloured water through your home… or none at all? Our maintenance is designed to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Hot Water Repairs

Hot Water System Repairs Glenning Valley

We can repair any hot water system, gas or electric. Whether your hot water system is leaking, producing alarming sounds, or just older, we can help. We carry a range of parts & can repair most hot water systems on the spot.

Rheem 250 SS Litre Hot Water System (4A1250)

Electric Hot Water System Repairs 

Is your Hot Water System leaking, producing alarming sounds, delivering murky coloured water through your home… or none at all?  Don’t stress! You can rely on us as a trusted first point of contact for all minor or major Hot Water Service Repairs, ranging from 50 Litre Hot Water Systems, all the way up to 400 Litre Hot Water Systems.

We understand that your main concern isn’t just getting your hot water back up and running but also how much affordable the hot water repair service cost is going to be!

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